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The hazards of studying conservatism

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What hazard?

07 Sep - David

When I talk about the “hazards of studying conservatism,” fair question: what hazards am I talking about?

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Riddle Me This

29 Aug - David

Riddle me this:

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Done at UQAM

21 Jul - David

Just submitted the final, approved version of my master’s thesis. I’m done and I’m really proud of it. (Learn more about my subject here)

I got the idea of applying for a master’s studying conservatism around the summer of 2016. Sounded great back then because Trudeau was in and Trump hadn’t been elected yet!

I’ve been studying at UQAM’s since January, 2017 and I can’t say enough good things about my education and the good people I met there: always thoughtful discussions in class, political science is a fabulous department. I learned a lot more in three years here than in my undergrad at McGill, no doubt about it.

I was basically the only anglophone around. I learned a lot about feeling different yet feeling welcome. I think I met only one other anglophone student the whole time I was there.

But I’d recommend it to anyone. UQAM is a special place. I’m going to miss it. I think every single one of my professors offered that I could write in English but I decided to do everything in French. That was a real challenge but I got it done with a lot of generous help, especially from my supervisor Jean-Guy Prévost, who was top-notch from the beginning to the end. I also couldn’t have done any of this without parter, my family, and my Quaker community.

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Seeking Giant Shoulders to Stand On

04 Jul - David

I was underwhelmed and often disappointed by much of what I read about conservatism in general and Harper in particular.

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The Harper paradox: my master's thesis

28 Jun - David

My thesis chases around ex-Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper trying to figure out where he got the idea for making tough-on-crime policies the center of his 10 years in power, considering:

  • Crime had been falling for 15 years
  • No population in the world feels safer than Canadians
  • These policies didn’t win many votes
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I Study Conservatism

21 Jun - David

For those who don’t know, I entered my master’s (after writing a mess of a manifesto) feeling irritated by what I saw as low-quality, careless and occasionally intellectually lazy work about conservatism, including work about right-wing populism, men’s rights, creationists, and all lives matter.

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